How to overcome Procrastination

Recently I have reading a lot about the subject issue that is overcoming laziness and eradicate procrastination from my life because these are some of the silent killers that make you not want to achieve what you are capable of and lets you live in denial. So, finding about this habit and slowly removing it from your routine can be life changing. 

First, you’ll have to recognize whether you are lazy or are procrastinating because these are two different things.  

Procrastination is an active process – you choose to do something else instead of the task that you know you should be doing.  

In contrast, laziness  suggests apathy, inactivity and an unwillingness to act. 

So, you might be putting important tasks off the list just because you think that you might not be able to complete it or give that task the justice it deserves, in other words not do it in a perfect way. Which in turn is making your life typical and boring and without realizing your time flies by and you still haven’t achieved anything. You want to give yourself a name but you have been delaying the tasks that can help you do that which can be the career you want, the promotion you have been waiting for. Just because at the time you find it easy to delay and what you don’t realize is that what its costing you. So, you must do a thorough self-check and must stop this habit from getting permanent.  

It’s a researched fact that it takes an average of 66 days to acquire a new habit so the fact that you are here means that it has become your habit and you are searching ways to get rid of it.  

So how do we overcome it. Well I have gathered some of the steps that we can use to slowly get rid of it. 

  • Stop making it a big deal
  • Forgive yourself 
  • Optimize your environment 
  • Don’t make excuses 
  • Reward yourself 
  • Stop being a perfectionist 

Stop making it a big deal 

What most procrastinators do is that they make the important task a big deal before even getting onto it. They start to make false judgements that executing it will take an effort and they won’t be able to complete it or it will take a long time to achieve your end goal which is completely wrong and wont motivate you to start working on it. So, you have to have a road map so that you get your timelines straight and you can be quick in your decisions to start working on that delayed task. 

Forgive yourself 

To start getting rid of this bad habit, you’ll have to forgive yourself for previous delaying you have been doing. You have to let go of accusing yourself of being a loser that you haven’t achieved enough. Because there’s always a first time when things get started, but you will have to act on it otherwise it will be the same cycle again and again until you realize that you have wasted precious time. 

Optimize your environment 

One thing I have realized during my days of being not able to live up to my expectations is that when you have stuff cluttered here and there in your surroundings then automatically you are not able to get the motivation you require to get up to actually get things done. So, start by making your room, closet and workspace managed, you’ll automatically feel better and you’ll be doing stuff before you even realize that you are in it now. 

Don’t Make Excuses 

Its simple, you have to do something to achieve something so making excuses won’t do any good to your career, relationships or the passion you want to follow. Start making improvements to your life by accomplishing something whether it’s a small task towards your goal, it’s worth a lot. 

Reward yourself 

Recognizing your efforts is a great way to motivate yourself and you’ll be thriving on it in no time. So, when you complete a task, give yourself a pat by buying yourself a coffee or a small treat to make it a big thing. 

Stop Being a Perfectionist 

Aiming for perfectionism is not helpful at all because not only it will make you upset when you won’t get the desired results (if you able to complete it) but also, it’ll demotivate you through out the process and it might make you not want to go through it at all. So, go for it, nobody is perfect. But it shouldn’t let us back off the Projects that we have been dreaming about for so long. 

I hope you would start working on the   

Live better.